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A doctor is not just responsible for curing diseases and injuries but has an obligation to the society. Dr Eric Berg is one of those doctors who has worked tirelessly to create a healthier population. He has reached out to the masses through his seminars and free YouTube videos to educate them on various health issues and cures. He is not just a doctor but a humanitarian who is genuinely interested in creating a better lifestyle for the common man.


Dr Eric Berg is a licensed chiropractor and health educator who helps unhealthy people reach their goal weight. He uses organic and herbal supplements which are much better for your body instead of relying on the inconsistencies of trending diets.


Dr Eric Berg established his clinic in Alexandria, Iowa after completing his education at the Palmer College of Chiropractic. In his 25 years in practice, he has cured several patients of stress, pain and weight problems. Some of the ways by which he has tried to reach potential sufferers are:


Books: Dr Eric Berg is one of the most established and renowned authors in the field of nutrition. He has written and published three books over the course of his career: The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, Healthy Hormones, Healthy lives and Dr. Berg's Body Shape Diets. In his books, he writes about his opinions on the reason behind weight gain and how to successfully combat it. His books have been on the bestseller lists and created a huge fan-following all over the world.


Television: Dr Eric Berg has garnered tremendous national visibility through television. He has been invited to speak on shows like Fox and Friends about how to burn fat with the knowledge of your body types. He appeared on News Channel 8's Sport's Talk to talk about healthy weight loss. He has also made several appearances on News Channel 9 and local television.


Radio: Not everyone suffering from obesity has access to a television. A long list of radio shows has approached Dr Eric Berg to speak about his innovative treatments. He has given advice on acupuncture on WFAX-AM  in 2002. He has been interviewed on weight loss on MetroTalk by radio WTEM-AM. Prominent Radio Newscasters like Deidre Blake, Chili Amar, and Cheryl Jackson have had the pleasure of having him on their shows.


Magazines: Dr Eric Berg has had articles in esteemed national and local magazines like Men's Exercise, First for Women, Upscale, New Beauty, Lets Live, The Hill Rag and many more. He also publishes his own newsletter in the name of HealthySelf.


YouTube: Dr Eric Berg has achieved celebrity status amongst fitness enthusiasts through YouTube. He has reached almost 70,000 subscribers in a short amount of time. He posts videos concerning health and wellness, diet and nutrition on a weekly basis. His knowledge is distributed to anyone who has an internet connection for free through these videos.

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